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Forward thinking bass music producers Dismantle, Jus Now and Champion have joined forces as X Tempo. The three names have come together to form a collaborative project reflective of each of their individual sounds. Through intricate, rolling, low end...

by i-D Team
05 December 2014, 1:05pm

Who are X Tempo?
Jus Now, Dismantle and Champion. Four Producers with roots in the UK, Jamaica and Trinidad that share a love of heavy, weighty music. Three names that don't like to be pigeonholed into any genre or box.

Why are X Tempo?
We got together because firstly we get along great, and all have music that has two key factors that these days is pretty dichotomised: Groove and Drop. Jus Now has the dual approach of smooth drumming grooves combined with big, eventful chorus-oriented drops. Dismantle's super-hyped dance anthems have a similar percussive approach and extremely catchy lead lines. Champion's beats are menacing to say the least and his bass tones are second to none. It is a combination of very complimentary proportions.

What are X Tempo?
We're an all round electronic production team with a very heavy Caribbean influence. A band of Badman Bass Brothers.

When are X Tempo?
Situated in the now but taking little snapshots from the past, present and fingers crossed the future.

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