​5 things we love about joey bada$$'s debut album

Pro Era co-founder dropped his official debut, B4.DA.$$, and here's what we thought

by James Hutchins
20 January 2015, 2:50pm

Today, Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ drops his album, a nostalgia nodding cut of straight up rap fire entitled B4.DA.$$ (Before Da Money). As we blast it on repeat, here are the five things that stand out about the Pro Era co-founder's official debut.

1. It's particularly fitting that Joey should bring B4.DA.$$ into the world on his birthday. HBD JBA.

2. It features a ridiculously diverse line of collaborators from all over the world, including Freddie Joachim (San Fran), Raury (Atlanta), Keiza (Calgary, Canada), Maverick Sabre (Hackney via County Wexford), Chronixx (Jamaica), Lee Bannon (Sacramento), J Dilla (Chicago), The Roots (Philadelphia), DJ Premiere (New York via Houston). Damn, that is one hell of a features list!

3. It comes with wordplay at its sincere finest when he pays tribute to his fallen Pro Era co-founder Capital Steez on On & On. "I know he with Big Poppa, 2 Pacs, and the Big L rolled proper, and that's a Big Pun," he raps.

4. He's got his mind on the money, money on his mind. "They say money is the root of all evil but I see money is the root of all people, cos we are follow paper trails ( paper trails) and everybody gotta pay they bills (pay they bills)." Well ain't that the truth.

5. B4.DA.$$ a straight up nod to the 90s golden age of Nas, Biggie and Gang Starr, with what Joey calls "traditional rap". This album is that era reincarnated for the new generation.

Joey Bada$$, B4.DA.$$ is out today.


Text James Hutchins
Photography Jessica Lehrman

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