this beyoncé x adele collab is either the best prank or the best leak ever

Twitter is having a meltdown over a "leaked" list of track and collaborators from Beyoncé's mysterious new album.

by i-D Staff and Hannah Ongley
30 March 2016, 7:20pm

Last November Adele quashed an obviously wrong rumor that she had turned down the invitation to record a duet with Beyoncé, assuring fans that she would very much like to share a mic — or at least a recording studio — with Queen Bey. Two months later, word on the street/internet was that Beyoncé was delaying her album release to give Adele a little more time to shine following the latter's 25 album drop. Beyoncé's mysterious new secret album is now imminent: isn't an Adele collab the only logical ending to this modern saga of sisterhood and platonic love? Not exactly, but it's not entirely impossible either. 

According to a "leaked" list of track and guest appearances from the studio album (her sixth) Beyoncé is slated to drop in April, the queen has reportedly recorded songs with Nicki Minaj, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, and, yes, Adele. If this all sounds too good to be true, that's because it probably is. The exclusive Tidal release date is apparently this Friday, which also happens to be April Fools' Day. Sure Tidal managed to screw up the release of one album this year already, but if there's one thing Beyoncé isn't famous for her it's a lax attitude toward people spilling details about her secret projects. As one Twitter user pointed out, the only thing more unlikely than a leak of this magnitude is a LaTavia collab. Then again, doesn't the unlikeliness of it all make it just the perfect plan? Guess we'll find out on Beypril 1. 



Text Hannah Ongley
Image via Twitter

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