models with acne take #nomakeup next level in milan

Malaysian designer Moto Guo put inflamed skin front and center, asking us to face our problem with pimples.

by i-D Staff and Kasumi Borczyk
23 June 2016, 5:37pm

Image via Twitter

In recent years, fashion has increasingly celebrated the flaws and idiosyncrasies that make people unique. Thick brows, braces, crooked teeth, and under-eye bags have all had their moments in the sartorial sun, but pimples and complexion flaws are rarely seen. Even the "no makeup" look that's become a runway staple involves layers of dewy foundation.

Image via Twitter

At Milan Men's Fashion Week, 24-year-old Malaysian designer Moto Guo flagged a change, sending his models down the catwalk sans concealer — pimples and all. The look was reflective of the ideas behind his collection, Picnic in the Society, in which he ventured to subvert tropes of masculinity by clothing the male models in traditionally feminine shapes, calling the clothes "vivid, quaint, and imperfect."

Almost more surprising than the models' skin were pundits' reactions to it. Some on Twitter baulked that it was just a stunt, others immediately began asking what it all meant — everyone agreed it was a controversial move. The response speaks volumes about our complex relationship to our skin, and how far we have to go before we truly break down one of beauty's most stringent ideals. But given that acne is the most prevalent skin conditions in the world, should we really be so shocked?



Text Kasumi Borczyk

Image via Twitter

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