seven creatives on their must-follow snapchat crushes

The 25 most interesting people to add right now, from a French-Madagascan model to a Gucci ghost.

by Zio Baritaux
09 June 2016, 3:10pm

Snapchat Pharrell (@sonofapharoah)

Now that Instagram has started to implement its dreaded changes, with a switch from a time-ordered feed to an algorithmic feed rolling out this month, more and more young people are migrating to Snapchat. And there's a payoff: unlike Instagram, on which users tend to post one highly edited photo per day or week, Snapchat users add to their stories multiple times a day. These ephemeral photos and videos offer real-time glimpses into their lives (such as what they wore today, where they were, who they were with, and what they look like as a Dalmatian). For some, however, Snapchat can be daunting—it's easy enough to find friends (if they're stored in your contacts), and then there are the obvious choices like Kim, Kylie and Khaled, but finding new and interesting people to follow is near impossible. So we contacted some of the most interesting people on Snap—including an art curator, street style photographer and Danish model—to find out who they follow for daily inspiration and entertainment, so that you can follow them too.

Photography Manfredi Gioacchini

Jen Stark (@jenstark), artist known for her intricate patterns and paper sculptures
"I love FriendsWithYou's Snapchat (@friendswithy0u) for their magical artful snaps. They are very thoughtful in turning each snap into something special. Another great snapper is one of my favorite people, Eric Wareheim (@beezysdad). He is such a quirky guy, has an amazing eye and always cracks me up. At least half of his snaps are of his cats. My favorite clothing designer, Mara Hoffman (@marahoffman), has a great snap page filled with snippets into her life. The usual themes are enlightenment, rainbows, and laughs with her hilarious little boy. My friend Lisa TV (@lisa_tv) has a crazy cracked-out snap personality. It is always over the top and wacky. You'll frequently see floating shrimp, helium voices and weird snap art. You also might get lucky and see a snap of the stripper pole in her bedroom."

Jordan "Watts" Watson (@love.watts), art consultant and curator
"Trevor Andrew (@theguccighost): Gucci snow cone makers, street surfing with Gucci Great Danes, Gucci cars, Gucci ghosts, and of course, sneak peeks of his new collaboration with Gucci. Aureta Thomollari (@theaureta): yachting in Cap Ferrat, safari in Cape Town, brunch at Noma, falconry in Scotland. If there is wi-fi on the moon, guaranteed Aureta will be the first to snap it. Mordechai Rubenstein (@mistermordechai): NYC street style, Japanese work work wear, Egyptian lounge clothes, nightlife in Pakistan. If you want to know what to wear while bass fishing in Jerusalem, Mr. Mort is your source."

Mordechai Rubinstein (@mistermordechai), "reluctant anthropologist" of streetstyle blog Mister Mort
"I enjoy the snaps of Ben Solomon (@kings0l0m0n) because they make me feel like I was there. I love Kunle (@kunleirak) because he gets me energized to go on a hike and ride the city! He's always out and about rising all over the city! The snaps of Dev Hynes (@kermitkokomo) will always cheer you up! Whether he's dancing, singing or playing piano, you can't be in a bad mood after viewing his snaps!"

Photography Dominik Schulte

Herbert Hofmann (@halloherbert), buyer and creative director of Voo Store in Berlin
"After thinking about who I actually really watch on Snapchat, I have realized that it's mainly girls I'm following. Are there inspiring and funny guys to follow?! I'm open for good tips.
Here's my favorites: My friend Rita Lino (@linorita) is a Berlin-based, Portuguese photographer and artist. She's sexy-clumsy and I love it. Follow her and smile and laugh with her. She loves men and cats. One funny girl to add to your friends on Snapchat is Veneda Budny (@venedaanastasia). Watch the coolest and most beautiful women eating fruits and vegetables and doing sports. Sounds boring but it's fun - girl crush! Chiara Capitani (@chiara_capitani) knows how to wear Italian fashion and mix it with sneakers. I also enjoy watching Søren Jepsen's Snapchat stories (@sorenjepsen). He's the most talented street style photographer I know. But what is most interesting on his Snapchat is that he's traveling so much and he's bringing you on the trip."

Photography courtesy 2PM Models

Veneda Budny (@venedaanastasia), Danish model
"I love Paloma Elsesser's Snapchat stories (@palomija). She's so pure, natural and extremely funny. She's beautiful and I love that she gives a fuck about "right angles" when she does selfies. Coco Baudelle (@cocobaudelle) is not the most active Snapchatter, but when she does snap, it's pure joy. She's lovely, dreamy and adventurous. Yesawi (@yyesawi) is all about good London vibes. I always enjoy his story, especially when I miss London. He has a great taste in music and his stories definitely help me add new tracks to my playlist."

Photography Petra Collins

Søren Jepsen (@sorenjepsen), Danish streetstyle photographer and founder of The Locals
"Jeremy Cohen (@jerm_cohen) is a photographer from Brooklyn. If there was an award for most creative use of Snapchat, I would give it to him. His snaps are smart, funny and always interesting. Shini Park (@sparkncube) runs the super successful lifestyle blog Park & Cube and is the founder of Cube Collective. Her snaps stand out from the crowd of fashion bloggers in my feed because she doesn't take herself too seriously. @Twelve.hours is the Snapchat of my travel website Twelve Hours. My co-founder Anna and I snap whenever we are on the road. Last month, we snapped from Tbilisi, Georgia, Brussels and the Faroe Islands."

Rewina Beshue (@rewina), artist and muse
"Love.Watts is one of my favorites. This Snapchat is dedicated to showcasing amazing contemporary art from multiple mediums and different artists. I'm always amazed on how creatively satisfying this account is. @By_mancy is one of my Bay Area homies. He's an amazing photographer and all-around great person. His snap story is a mixture of creative photo work, fun energy with friends, cool events, and sometimes traveling. Pharrell Williams (@sonofapharaoh) is one of my favorite creatives. He's like the only celebrity I follow on Snapchat. It's so interesting to see his day-to-day life and new ideas he's working on."


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