brooklyn rapper junglepussy dials up oprah in her new video

Plus, you can now download her debut album, ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed,’ for free.

by i-D Team and Alice Newell-Hanson
01 April 2015, 7:50pm

Photography Olivia Seally

Brooklyn rapper Junglepussy is fire. Maybe you already knew that. But did you also know she has Oprah on speed dial? In the new video for her track "Me," released today, the 22-year-old gossips with Queen O as she lounges in a pair of pink silk pajamas and drops strawberries into her mouth. She also hosts an informercial, deals out Lil Kim and Missy Elliott tarot cards, and tells a TV interviewer where to stick it when he questions her choice of performance name ("Dick Cheney? Dick Wolf? Dick Van Dyke?" she throws back). In honor of the release, she's also made her debut album, "Satisfaction Guaranteed," available for free download on her website. Fire.