ever wondered what it would be like to explore björk's mouth?

There’s a party in Björk's mouth and you’re all invited, thanks to the intimate Jesse Kanda-directed video for 'Mouth Mantra.'

by Francesca Dunn
04 December 2015, 4:00pm

Björk has teamed up with serial Arca collaborator Jesse Kanda on the trippy new video for Vulnicura's Mouth Mantra, and we're sure glad she did. Take a nightmarish endoscopy into the icon's pink fleshy food cave before joining her for a spot of euphoric ribbon dancing. Soon due for release in 360°, it's like that episode of The Magic School Bus where they explore the human body, but with a better soundtrack and the ultimate cameo. In the words of YouTuber Tim Dreams, "Has Björk just outbjörked herself again? Amazing!"

Jesse Kanda