'zoolander 2' costume designer thinks kristin wiig is ridiculously ridiculous

Leesa Evans talks about this and other silly, behind-the-scenes style insights in the new fashion comedy.

by Laura Vogel
08 February 2016, 9:00pm

Courtesy Valentino

As anyone who loves fashion knows, the second iteration of the hilarious Zoolander movie franchise is opening on Friday, February 12 — providing some much-needed comic relief in the middle of New York Fashion Week. 

Recently, Zoolander no. 2's costume designer, Leesa Evans, sat down with WWD. The gifted style pro addressed how the fashion industry (often unwittingly) provides plenty of laughs. 

Derek Zoolander on the run, photo courtesy @Zoolander 

Evans says that the process of filming the sequel involved a serious amount of silliness for her team. She explains how the high-concept work of some designers can tip towards the comedic, "There's a character that's supposed to be one of the top fashion designers, and he believes fashion is anything that isn't fashion. He just picks random things off the street and says, 'Now that's fashion.' We were like: Can we really make chopsticks into fashion? Can this ice cube be fashion?"

When asked if she had a favorite character to dress, she says, "Kristen Wiig's character [the inscrutably accented fashionista Alexanya Atoz, who has had more than a little work done] was the most fun because a lot of things she wore were simply outrageous."

Kristen Wiig as Alexanya Atoz, photo courtesy @Zoolander

Zoolander no. 2 certainly walks a fine line between celebrating and poking fun at the high-fashion world, and Leesa Evans explains how she used the sometimes impractical aspects of couture to make jokes. "I wanted to embrace the idea that editorial and runway and couture aren't always worn on the street, but what if they were?" she says. "What if we took these outrageous clothes and made them our regular clothes? That means a dress that's too big to ever fit through a door or something that you could never sit down in. And in its outrageousness it's kind of beautiful as an art form."


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Images courtesy Valentino, @Zoolander

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