rihanna doesn’t “give a dick” about privacy anymore

BadGalRiRi bares it all on social media, and in newly released music.

by Charlotte Gush
22 April 2015, 1:44pm

Millions watch her every move on Instagram and Twitter, but Rihanna is apparently cool with that, or at least resigned to it. In a cover feature for V Magazine, Ri was asked about her privacy, to which she questioned in return "Do I even give a dick about that anymore?" The pop megastar is known for sharing her thoughts and opinions candidly on Twitter, mourning the death of her hairdresser's father in a Tweet and recently posting snaps taken at a friend's wedding on Instagram. Ri's also not shy about her various recreations, soulfully singing "I'd rather be smoking weed" at the start of an interlude called James Joint released to coincide with stoner holiday 420 from her highly anticipated eighth studio album, R8.

Rihanna's not the only public figure with a chill attitude to her own privacy. When we interviewed teen media queen Tavi Gevinson last year, she said she didn't see the lines between public and private either: "The idea of sharing your life with the world - as long as you feel you have nothing to lose and nothing to prove - isn't scary." She also told us that when she asked Miley Cyrus why she lives her life so publicly, she answered that "it had never even occurred to her to do it in private." And maybe this benefits us all; such high profile women sharing their lives, unvarnished, is sparking daily conversations about what it means to be a young woman today. Miley's recent Instagram post showing her unshaved armpits, which prompted unsolicited hair removal advice in the comments, has led i-D to ask "Is #freeyourpits the next #freethenipple?".


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