an interactive grimes experience is launching at moogfest

Welcome to REALiTi!

by Charlotte Gush and i-D Staff
10 May 2016, 7:25pm

When Grimes announced her latest album Art Angels, fans were united in their desire to see "REALiTi" finally get a proper release, after the album it had initially been intended for was scrapped. Not only did that wish come true (it's track 10 on Art Angels), but fans will soon be able to step into an immersive installation of the song.

To complement Grimes' headlining slot at the music, art, and technology festival Moogfest in North Carolina later this month (May 19-22), Microsoft's Music x Technology wing has created REALiTi: Inside the Music of Grimes -- "an environment and experience" that will allow fans to remix the track by "manipulat[ing] their surroundings as they explore an ever-evolving world," as "Both the visuals and the music respond intuitively to audience movements and interactions."

The short 15 second clip Microsoft has released as a teaser doesn't make it clear if "REALiTi's" evocative lyrics -- of love, youth and insanity, about climbing mountains and peering over the edge at death -- will be reflected in the design of the immersive experience, or whether it will be more abstract, but it sounds like a pretty fun installation to wander through at a festival either way.


Text Charlotte Gush
Photography via @actuallygrimes

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