willow smith won't quit; adds music producer to resumé

The hyper creative teen shared her latest production effort, ‘Afraid,’ this morning on Soundcloud.

by Emily Manning
19 November 2015, 5:43pm

Electric performer, Marc Jacobs mini-muse, and dedicated scholar of all things metaphysical, Willow Smith has jam packed her 15 years on Earth with all kinds of creative ambition. Most recently, the talented multi-hyphenate has been developing her production skills, dropping dynamic tracks on Soundcloud that toy with a diverse range of influences. Earlier today, Smith Tweeted the link to Afraid, a song produced in collaboration with Tyler Cole -- the same rapper featured in her hella trippy video Wit a Indigo.

Earlier this year, Willow released a super colorful video for summertime slammer FCQ 7. When the self-produced track premiered on The Fader, Smith told the outlet her sounds were inspired by the likes of Girlpool and Tune Yards. FCQ 7 is laced with xylophone strikes and super dance-y bass-drum hits, which definitely parallel Tune Yards' playful grooves. Two months ago, Willow uploaded another co-produced track called Whatislife, which threw a bit of funk hihats and basslines on top of that fun formula.

In contrast to these dance-inducing cuts, Afraid flexes a Girlpool muscle much harder -- especially the LA duo's plucky opening progressions on tracks like Before the World Was Big. But Willow leaves the upbeat punk sing-speak to the Girlpool ladies; her first Afraid lines are a bit more 22nd century Tracy Chapman. Willow delivers clearly enunciated lyrics like "This life that's full of war; Remember the love we shared when we did not care if our skin was fair or not -- if our pockets are deep or not" (before, in true Smith child fashion, expressing a profound fascination with atoms and trees). Cole then joins Willow for a punched up chorus before the track downshifts to a lo-fi electric guitar riff. Afraid ends with samples that appear to be lifted from the teachings of Osho, a new age spiritual thinker who often uploads talks to Youtube.

Despite pioneers like Missy Elliott and more recent powerhouses like Grimes and Nguzunguzu's Asma Maroof, there remains a dearth of female producers across the music industry. It's really dope to see someone so young dive headfirst into engineering -- and to have so much fun exploring such varied sounds. We're excited to see what Willow's got next, both in the booth and on the boards! 


Text Emily Manning
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