class of 2016: 10 things you need to know about ygg

YGG are taking grime back to its roots.

by Hattie Collins
23 November 2015, 12:10pm

YGG, or You Get Grime, take it back to the early noughties when the scene was about the art of spraying bars. Their online presence is rising fast, thanks to tracks like Okay, a number of freestyles and general back to back mic-murking in Camden doorways. MC's PK, Saint and Lyrically Strally are a triumvirate of 20 years-old putting the grit back into Grime. There's 10 things you need to know about them, and here they are…

1. They met through Novelist
Lyrical Strally: We linked up through Nov at this cypher, because we had some mutual friends. Obviously we were all sick, so we became friends (laughs)

2. They're known for Okay, but it's their Rinse FM Sessions that are really ringing
Saint: Okay is probably the song most grime fans know, but we're not really about dropping single after single…
PK: It's more spraying bars really. We've got bars for hours, days, years…. I grew up grime so I just wanted to do what they, the first MC's, were doing. We're a new generation and it's more structured now and everything, so, boom, it's like, alright cool, lets just spray bars. And that's what we do; vibes,. Everything we say is just jokes, vibes. There's obviously aggressive lyrics too, but that's the combination.

2. They make music...

Lyrical Strally: Because we enjoy it, because it's fun. We wouldn't be doing it if we didn't enjoy it.

3. They're not very good at pouring drinks
PK: I used to work at a hotel. It's long, waking up early and shit. I had to do all sorts. I didn't really know what I was doing, to be honest. You just get thrown in the deep end. I'd be told to make this drink or that drink and I'd be staring at the person like 'Ummmm' (laughs)
Saint: I did bar work too. It was…. Nah. It didn't really work out.

4. They've got money on their mind, and their mind on the money
Lyrical Strally: I think, how can I get money? And I think about education a lot too. I'm studying Criminology and Sociology, which I really like, but then I'm also trying to concentrate on music. It's hard to juggle.
Saint: I just want a house. Live in a comfortable area. My mum's alright, my dad's alright.
PK: I think about education, here and there. We're all at uni - I'm studying Musical Performance - but we're trying to focus on music.

5. The most important person in their life is…
PK: Family. But everyone's gonna say that aren't they.

6. Saint also has anime ambitions
Saint: I draw on the side, a lot of anime. I really like the drawings, the characters, the way they look.
Lyrical Strally: I watch a lot of Naruto, which is what Saint draws. It's sick.

7. J-Cush is a fan
"It's mental how talented they are. I think PK could be the D Double of his generation," says the Future Brown producer and all-round amazing DJ and producer, J-Cush.

8. They're tight with both Nov and The Square
And often go back to back with the Lewisham crew.

9. They have allergies.
Lyrical Strally: I'm allergic to nuts. If I eat them, my throat swells and my face puffs up. I don't have an EpiPen though; I'm strong (laughs).
PK: I've got one too but I don't want to say.
Saint: What is it?
PK: Ok. I'm allergic to plasters. It's weird, man. I don't know what it is, but it mashes up my skin.

10. Theyre' building a league. A grime league
Lyrical Strally: We've got a lot of ambition. We want to rob everything from grime that we can. We are the truth.
PK: The justice.
Lyrical Strally: The Grime Justice League. There's a lot of things that aren't going right in Grime, and we're going to correct it.
PK: Some people's pedestals are a bit shaky. If you haven't got the right balance, we'll kick you off. Watch out, we're about.

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