unpacking kim k’s advice to never smile for smooth skin

A doctor weighs in.

by Shannon Peter
13 February 2019, 2:32pm

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There’s no doubt that the Kardashians have become mega names in the beauty sphere, between Kylie’s lip kits, Kim’s perfumes and Kendall’s big brand campaign deals, their beauty influence can still be spotted all over Instagram. But whether you’re into their aesthetic or not (you do you) the latest nugget of Kardashian beauty wisdom is pretty questionable.

According to People magazine, Kim was asked her secret to smooth skin at a make-up masterclass with her long-time make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic in LA this past weekend. Her sincere response: “Don’t smile.”

Of course, this seems a little irresponsible. Let’s unpack...

For starters, it’s a lie. Just like her sister Kendall got called out for neglecting to mention the dermatologist intervention and pricey treatments she had when banging on about the ‘life-changing’ merits of ProActiv skincare in her latest beauty brand deal, Kim is overlooking the other elements of her intensive beauty regime, too. “Kim is failing to mention that she regularly visits cosmetic doctors and aestheticians, such as the well-renowned, Dr Simon Ourian,” explains Dr Ewoma, founder of SKNDOCTOR. “She has the best cosmetic treatments at her disposal. Let’s be honest, the real reason Kim’s skin is ‘so smooth’ is because she religiously has sprinkles of botox, dermal fillers and prescriptive skincare.” Not to mention she gets her make-up done by a highly-skilled make-up artist almost everyday.

But realistically, that’s neither here nor there: holding back a grin isn’t going to change the course of nature. “Even if you managed to be expressionless your entire life (which is impossible), you will still develop wrinkles,” Dr Ewoma adds. “There are other factors at play in the ageing process such as biology, genetics and sun exposure.”

Undoubtedly, the beauty industry’s rhetoric regarding ageing is in dire need of change, but I’m of the belief that we should have the freedom to try whatever skincare formulas and treatments we want. But to render yourself permanently emotionless, that’s just ridiculous.

“This advice is as silly as her appetite-suppressant lollipop stunt,” Dr Ewoma continues. “I’m sure most of us will laugh at this, however there are younger girls out there who are impressionable and will take this advice as gospel. I feel that this sort of information further feeds into the issues of body dysmorphia and self-objectification.”

Beauty should be a joyous experience, and the moment it starts feeling otherwise, it’s probably time to stop.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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