jonah hill and spike jonze are working on the beastie boys' new project

Together they're filming upcoming live shows based on the group's memoir 'Beastie Boys Book'.

by i-D Team
20 March 2019, 6:04am

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This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

Somewhere, at this very moment, Jonah Hill is beside himself with joy. And rightly so, as his new project sees him teaming up with some longtime personal heroes. He’s joining Spike Jonze and the Beastie Boys on ‘Beastie Boys Story’, a stage version of their 2018 memoir Beastie Boys Book which will also be filmed. Jonah will produce the filming of the upcoming shows in Philadelphia and New York with Spike serving as director.

Spike seems to be the common link among the group having worked with both Jonah and Beastie Boys in the past. Last year Jonah revealed that without Spike’s advice on his directorial debut Mid 90s the film would have turned out quite differently. And of course Spike and the Beastie Boys go way back as he directed a number of their clips, most famously ‘Sabotage’ in 1994.

It’s hard to know exactly what to expect from ‘Beastie Boys Story’ or when we’ll get to see any footage. The live show is an update on one they performed in 2018 which was said to be a mix between a monologue and a book reading. “We wrote this book, and instead of going to bookstores and us reading chapters, which probably would’ve kind of sucked, we did these shows where we were on stage, coming together,” said Mike D during a talk at SXSW last week, as reported by Billboard.

No matter what ‘Beastie Boys Story’ turns out to be we’re sure this is one group assignment that fans (including Jonah) won’t soon forget.

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