kanye is back on twitter with some sage advice for young creatives

We missed you Kanye.

by Roisin Lanigan
18 April 2018, 11:58am

Image via Instagram

Oh Kanye, we’ve missed you. Since leaving Twitter in May last year -- the beginning of his self-imposed social media hiatus -- our Twitter lives have lacked his calming, omnipotent spirit we’d become so accustomed to in 2016. Now it’s all right-wing white supremacists and cat memes. Luckily for 2018, and our chakras, Kanye is back and as wise as ever, dispensing advice for young creatives (in-between showing off his Gosha-designed Da Font tattoo).

“As creatives your ideas are your strongest form of currency”, Kanye began his thread last night, before expounding the virtues of minimalism, dedication to artistic vision and avoiding distraction at all costs.

“You have to protect your ability to create at all costs,” Yeezy continued. “Sometimes you have to get rid of everything.” “Distraction is the enemy of vision.” “Everything you do in life stems from either fear or love.” Actually it was all very valid stuff.

It was enough to shake up Kim, who really wasn’t feeling her husband’s decision to get rid of “everything”.

Failing to respond to Kim, Kanye ended his creativity lecture in the most Kanye way possible: by sharing a picture of the production process on the new Yeezy Rat Boot.

Welcome back, Yeezy.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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