little dragon explore queer south africa in their new video

Directed by Kristin Lee Moolman and styled by Ib Kamara, "Strobe Light" is a pastel-hued celebration of creating your own universe and expressing yourself to the full.

by Frankie Dunn
19 July 2017, 4:45pm

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

When Johannesburg-based photographer/director Kristin Lee Moolman and London-based stylist Ib Kamara first discovered one another on Instagram, creative sparks flew. Kristin's sun-kissed photos of a new Africa explore everything from the conservative Afrikaans town she grew up in to the complete freedom of expression offered by the country's youth, all while commenting on segregation, sexuality, and suburbia. Ib's penchant for exaggerated shapes, headdresses, and gender non-conforming looks pair so perfectly with her vision that it's no wonder fate brought them together. They previously collaborated on their Somerset House exhibition, 2026, about an imagined future black masculinity, and we're pleased to see Kristin and Ib continue to team up for a very special music video.

Taken from their fifth album, Season High, we've got the exclusive on Swedish band Little Dragon's stunning video for dance tune, "Strobe Light." Full of beautiful boys in beautiful dresses, their dancing is contrasted with donuts on race tracks and sharp suits on kids. "We wanted to make a film that celebrates two dancers from Johannesburg," the dynamic creative duo behind the visual told us. "As well as that feeling of being young and creating your own universe within your environment and being able to express yourself in any shape or form." Exploring the taboo some of the region still holds around doing so, the video is also reflective of the band's love and appreciation for South Africa, as well as their inspiration taken from South African house music.

"Some of our best shows have been in South Africa," singer Yukimi Nagano told us over email. "The crowd reaction there always catches us off guard. Somehow we feel like our music is truly understood there. Both Nabuma Rubberband and Season High have moments inspired by South African music. It all started with Erik who is married to a South African coming home from his visits with a hard drive full of mixes and tracks of South African house. We started listening to his favorite tracks on the road, the fatness and the groove combined with the electronics had us hooked. Having the "Strobe Light" video made there felt like the perfect place."

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