​new netflix show 'dark' is like 'stranger things,' but german

Missing children? Check. Supernatural elements? Check. Say hello to your new favorite show.

by Tish Weinstock
02 March 2017, 9:52pm

"Another boy has mysteriously gone missing in the small town of Winden." Could be the opening lines of Stranger Things season two, right? Well it isn't. It's the opening line of a new Netflix show called Dark, which, judging by the trailer, is going to be fucking (which is actually a town in Austria, not Germany, but whatever) epic. 

Set in a small, sleepy German town called Winden, the show follows the story four families as they frantically search for a missing child. Along the way they stump along some very big, very dark secrets about the town they thought they knew so well. Cue ominous scenes of a car crash, a haunted corridor, a man dripping with thick black gloop, and a field filled with dead sheep, all culminating in a chilling voiceover: "The question isn't who kidnapped the children, but when." 

Prepare to be Netflix and chilled to the bone this winter. 


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