a five point guide to young thug's new record, barter 6​

We get the low down on Young Thug's latest release.

by Kathy Iandoli
20 April 2015, 2:41am

It's almost hard to utter the title Barter 6, knowing that Young Thug originally titled this Carter 6. Lil Wayne & Co. threatened to sue the sometime Cash Money affiliate, forcing him to change the title to Barter, instead of Carter — a very blatant trolling move. Still, all project titles aside, let's get right into some song titles and reveal what to expect from Young Thug's already controversial release.

Weezy Revisited
Do not adjust your ear buds: Young Thug sounds a lot like Lil Wayne on this project. A lot. From the moment the album begins with Constantly Hating carrying over into Check, Dream (with Yak Gotti), over again into OD, Numbers, and even through the closer Just Might Be. It's safe to say he sounds like Weezy on most of the tracks of the 13-song offering. That's a lot. Identity theft or nah?

Birdman Flies In
By now everyone is very aware of Lil Wayne's existing beef with the Cash Money kingpins Slim and Baby aka Birdman. Well, Birdman checks in on two Barter 6 cuts: the melodically rhythmic Constantly Hating and the grimy Knocked Off. While Thugga focuses on one long train of thought, Birdman slices the monotony in half with his bars. The combination sounds pretty decent, yet very necessary.

Speaking Trapanese
Young Thug tries his damnedest to nail the trap sound on Barter 6, and it's only really successfully executed on Can't Tell. Thugga enlists the king of the Trap T.I. plus Boosie BadAzz aka Lil Boosie. The two arguably outshine Young Thug on his own track, but it's one of those situations where it's okay because when you're bookended by two legends in the game, you kind of have to bow out and let them take the lead.

London Brings The Beats
Not the city, the producer. London On Da Track is responsible for a considerable amount of cuts on Barter 6. His style is very trap, contributing largely to Thugga's attempts at rhyming in a cadence conducive for those beats (London produced songs like Can't Tell and With That on the project). You may know his previous work from birthing MPC babies for the likes of T.I., Rich Homie Quan, Gucci Mane, and Waka Flocka Flame.

Moment Of Clarity
Remember last year it was the fun thing to do to try and recite Young Thug's lyrics on Rich Gang's Lifestyle? While Young Thug does tend to snap into a tangent on Barter 6 where he becomes blatantly incoherent (trying decoding him on Never Had It and Numbers), he does sound sharp in some parts on tracks like With That and Amazing. While you might be quick to write off Young Thug for his gibberish, peep game on Barter 6, where there's proof he can actually rhyme when he wants to.


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