​#catsagainstbrexit are here to save us from leaving the EU

No cat is an island!

by Felix Petty
21 June 2016, 11:35am

Are you still undecided about whether we should leave the EU or stay, and enjoy freedom of movement, freedom of work, jobs, good trade deals, environmental protection, peace, and workers rights?

Well let the UK's army of purrfect felines help sway your decision to stay in EU on Thursday's referendum. Over the last few days an army of cats have come out to help you come out on the Remain side, under the hashtag #catsagainstbrexit it seems our feline friends are rallying the troops for EU inclusion. Doing what David Cameron and George Osbourne couldn't and bringing the debate to a level that truly resonates with the people.

Because cats, like people, are often emigres — your Noweigen Forest Cats, Scottish Fold Cats and European Shorthairs, for example — and believe in free movement between neighbouring gardens, and of course can see right through Boris Johnson's bare faced lies about the amount of money we're sending to the Europe.  


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