red lebanese reveal a different side of paris

Head into the banlieues of Paris with artistic collective Red Lebanese and their new zine in collaboration with Ditto Press.

by Felicity Kinsella
27 May 2015, 2:48am

Red Lebanese is not only the name of a strain of hash rarely found outside of it's namesake country, it's also what a group of Parisian boys decided to call the independent publishing platform they founded. Preferring not to give interviews, there's very little about the young photographers who make up Red Lebanese - Raphael Lopez, Yanis Dadoum, Barthélémie Labé, Vincent Canton, Thomas Brun, Pablo Jomaron and Quentin Leroy - on the internet.

Instead you'll have to get to know them by getting to know their work. What we do know, is that they grew up in and around Paris, host club nights, release mix tapes and print their own zines. Their latest project, however, was made in collaboration with London publishers Ditto Press, and sees the boys capturing the grittier side to a city that has become synonymous with glamour, café culture, lights and romance.

Instead of answering our questions, Pablo, Thomas and Quentin wrote us this manifesto:

"Red Lebanese is not a photographers collective, but the name of a publishing and independent platform, that unites the work of friends.

When Ditto proposed us to work on a zine with us and to publish it, we proposed them a collective work, some parts of our ongoing photographic projects. We proposed them the work of seven photographers; Vincent Canton, Yanis Dadoum, Raphael Lopez, Pablo Jomaron, Quentin Leroy, Barthélemy Labe and Thomas Brun.

The zine is packed with a collective mixtape - our first music compilation, featuring 11 musicians who are friends.

A lot of the pictures have been taken in Paris and its suburbs where we all live and where we grew up. In this project, and in our general reflexion, the question is more about sharing a vision of our reality, in documenting it, than encouraging the phantasmagoric imagery that people associate with Paris. Even if some of these pictures are posed, they all were born from our daily life.

Red Lebanese is an independent publishing company, and also a music label. Three of us run the publishing; Pablo Jomaron, Thomas Brun and Quentin Leroy. We started few years ago. By publishing and diffusing zines, books and audio tapes, we want to showcase our art and musical projects, but also our friends works who have got a sensitive practice, even if they do not have any professional intention. Red Lebanese is a free and independent media. Our desire for the future is to continue to share and publish substantial projects.

Shout out to Vincent Canton, Yanis Dadoum, Raphael Lopez, Barthélemy Labe, Q.B, Eliott, Marcel, Hugo, Flo, Ben, Mickael, Rachid, Kris, Khelil, Momo, Alice, Emma, Lou, Wanda, Monomite, D.KO records, Jim Irie, Ari Marcopoulos, Dashwood Books, Ivan, Mylosevitch, LaSouris, Popo, Prosper, Tom, Mourad, Yamandu, Moshekwa, Antoine, and many more….

Thanks to Ditto Press.

Pablo Jomaron, Thomas Brun and Quentin Leroy."

You can buy the Red Lebanese x Ditto zine here.

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