​a guide to london’s visions festival… in illustration form

Ahead of their set at this weekend’s Visions Festival, Spanish girl band Hinds get creative.

by Francesca Dunn
03 August 2015, 10:55am

Set across six Hackney venues, Visions Festival is a one-day celebration of music, art and food, with record and art markets, audio-visual installations, street food, and a wonderfully diverse line-up including the likes of Ho99o9, Shamir, Loyle Carner, Holy Fuck, Girl Band, and Spanish babes Hinds. This Saturday will mark the event's third year, with the addition of the beautiful St John at Hackney church and the Space Studios courtyard. Ahead of their performance, we caught up with Hinds to find out their game plan and get an exclusive illustrated guide to the sets you need to see this Saturday.

Why Visions?
London. Summer. Festival. What else?

What will you be channelling with your performance?
Just a sensation of freedom and a bloom of happiness and ecstasy... a party! The craziest gig I've ever been to was one of ours, and I'm not lying! 

For you, how does a festival set compare to a regular set?
It should be shorter and more powerful. People aren't there to see you, but to see so many people. So you have like the first five minutes to convince them to stay at your show.

Often lost in a sea of big summer festivals, how important do you think the more local, multi-venue festivals are?
We think they're cool but we need a new term for them.

Your biggest headline show to date was at London's Scala in May and it resulted in a mass stage invasion. More of the same at Visions?
If that's what you want!

Is there anyone in particular you're looking forward to watching at Visions Festival?
The loveliest boys. We did some drawings... but as you can tell, we're not really artists.

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