premiere: neverland clan [ryan hawaii + omelet] - playstation ep

Press play and join the revolution...!

by i-D Staff
17 July 2015, 12:07pm

Part of the Neverland Clan, Ryan Hawaii and Omelet branch out into their own weird and wonderful world of self purported "Spit in your face music". Beginning with eerily ethereal instrumental Press Start, the EP soon descends into an even darker world of existential analysis and "Dirty, young and honest" sounds. "It's the perfect representation of the London youth mindset but from an 'outcast's' perspective," says Hawaii. "I want the listener to feel as though they're on a journey when they listen to the tape", says 20-year old (today - happy birthday!!!) Omelet, who produced the EP in its entirety and who includes Slipknot among his influences. Ryan, a young artist and art dealer-cum-performer from Catford, who was recently invited to talk at Virgil Abloh's ideas Workshop at Selfridges and featured in The Activist Issue for i-D, merges fashion, music and art within his creative oeuvre and it shows on the EP. Each track gets its own graphic from Hawaii and are as arresting as the sounds they accompany. "Listen to this in a dark room, loud and possibly intoxicated," he advises."This project is a revolt to the music that is out." Press play and join the revolution...!



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