stylist rebecca grice is responsible for all of your favourite pop goddess moments

The Brooklyn based creative is the secret behind Lorde, HAIM and Alicia Keys slaying the red carpet.

by Courtney DeWitt
26 November 2015, 3:18am

In the post-super stylist era New York-based stylist and creative consultant, Rebecca Grice, has carved out a signature niche in dressing the most idiosyncratic women in music. Training under the keen eye of Rihanna's stylist Mel Ottenberg, Grice was on ground for the height of RiRi's fashion frenzy dominance, turning out a neverending stream of iconic looks for tours, shoots, events, junkets and walking down the street.

After going out on her own, Grice began to work with 'anti-shiny' pop singer Lorde and has since built up the kind of working relationship that is a throwback to the days of Madonna and her stylist Arianne Phillips. Now responsible for outfitting the likes of Alicia Keys, Jaime King and the girls from HAIM Rebecca Grice is fast becoming the go-to stylist for performers who view fashion as an integral part of their personal artistic expression.

Following a weekend of draping Lorde in Vetements and Anthony Vaccarello on Saturday Night Live i-D caught up with Grice to discuss loyalty in the business and why vintage still gets her buzzed.

Let's discuss your entry into the fashion and styling world, was it something you always envisioned as a career path or was it more of a 'fall into it' situation?
It was a combo of both - falling in to it and always having a love for fashion. It has been quite an organic journey!

When did you first start working with Ella (Lorde)? I imagine you must at this point just have a knowing and very trusting working relationship.
My first job with Ella was her video for Team from the Pure Heroine record. My role became quite intimate as I'm working super close to a real person and am, by default, privy and exposed to very intimate settings and situations.

Take us through your typical process with the artist before say an SNL performance or big event?
Typically I will touch base with my client to see what their vibe is for the event and what they're currently feeling. I like to make the process a true collaboration. From there I will look through the collections and share some thoughts, vibes, inspiration with my client and then hit the ground running.

How do you find pulling looks from the big houses for celebrities versus emerging brands?
I like a mix of both and I like to support those who support me. It's nice to 'big-up' young and breaking designers and mix it the major houses - both are equally important. I also love to mix in vintage and find it to be the most inspiring while prepping looks.

Your roster now includes Lorde, HAIM and Alicia Keys -- all artists who appear to be very grounded and hardworking. How did working with these artists turn into a more frequent role and have you ever encountered a 'diva' client?
I think, generally speaking, that 'like attracts like'. I'm super lucky to work with amazingly talented, smart, cool and inspiring artists who constantly push me to better myself.

'Grice Girls' HAIM, Jaime King and Lorde and the Golden Globes 

What brands and labels are constant 'go-tos' for you?
I love New York Vintage! Shannon and her girls have been super supportive and always accommodate me no matter the job - big or small. I also love working with Acne, Chloe, Stella McCartney... the list goes on and on!

The styling game has changed alot since the days of super stylists, how do you deal with the competitive nature of it and is loyalty with clients a concern of yours?
I like to surround myself with a team of people who are nice, positive and considerate when working. In an industry that can be cut throat it's beneficial to be around unwavering support as there are highs and lows in being a stylist! I do my best in each job I do and in the end it's all you can do.

If a client isn't feeling a look you've put together how do you deal with that? Does it ever hurt or you just have to separate feelings and their needs?
it really doesn't 'hurt' if a client isn't feeling a particular look. I'm pretty good at removing emotion when working. I want my clients to feel beyond good when on a stage, carpet etc, so if something isn't working I'm totally down to recontextualize.

Lorde backstage ahead of her Saturday Night Live performance by Rebecca Grice @thegriceisright

What have the 3 favourite looks you've ever produced?
GAH! Ask me this end of next year!

Highlights of 2015?
The Golden Globes with Lorde
The Grammys with the HAIM girls
Empire with Alicia Keys

What is Rebecca Grice looking forward to in 2016?
Hopefully a Vacation ;)

Rebecca Grice out on the town with HAIM via @thegriceisright



Text Courtney DeWitt
Photography Courtesy Rebecca Grice

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