get to know killer producer tom misch as we share the exclusive of his latest track

One of the most exciting young producers today.

by i-D Staff
13 August 2015, 5:40pm

Tom Misch is the young producer with all the heat! His productions are sophisticated beyond his years, so full of warm heart and soul that we just can't get enough. The 20-year-old South East London based producer has been on the beats since the tender age of 16 and hasn't looked back. His love of melody and chord progression coupled with his desire to discover new sounds has enabled him to concoct some of the most intricate beats. With co signs from the likes of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Huw Stephens as well as being part of the Soulection camp, we are excited to exclusively share Tom's latest offering from his Beat Tape series. As we get to know the producer press play on the smooth and soulful Wake Up This Day (feat Jordan Rakei). This ones hot!

Who is Tom Misch?
He's a 20-year-old producer/multi-instrumentalist from London who enjoys playing guitar and making beats.

Where is Tom Misch?
South East London

What has been your favourite collaboration of yours so far?
It's hard to say but probably working with Bearcubs, mainly because the music he makes is very electronic and dancey, and I learnt a lot in terms of sound manipulation and production from that collab.

What age did you start making beats?

How did you link up with the Soulection camp?
Joe Kay (head of Soulection) started reposting some of my beats on Soundcloud then dropped me an email asking if I wanted to do a release through them.

Whats the coolest thing you learnt in your Jazz Guitar degree?
Some crazy chord progressions!

What is your live set up like and how easy or difficult do you find it to translate some tracks into performance?
To be honest I don't really have a live set up just yet. Ive been doing DJ sets this summer and a couple of low-key acoustic performances, but my proper live set up is yet to happen. I think it will be a standard band setup, (drums, guitar, bass, keys and vocals) but with an electronic addition triggering samples etc. My next release will hopefully be with a full band and I will shape the release so that when you it hear it live it sounds exactly as it does on the record.

Tell us about your Beat Tape series…
Beat tape 1 is a collection of instrumental hip-hop beats made while i was doing my A - Levels at six form. Beat Tape 2 is a continuation of this, this time with vocal features; and it showcases my development as a producer and my new influences. I'm only singing a tiny bit on Beat Tape 2, as the release isn't about my voice, but about my production style being fused with the vocal features.

Tell us about the story about this track…
I've been a Jordan Rakei fan right from the day he only had a few followers on Soundcloud. About a year ago while Jordan was still living in Melbourne (he now lives in London), I emailed him the beat of this track and asked if he wanted to try some vocals over it. The same day about 6 hours later he sent over pretty much a finished version of the song... and it sounded ridiculously good. When he moved to London we finished off the track and now it's on Beat Tape 2!

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