10 things you need to know about alma

Take an exclusive first look at her new video for Dye My Hair as we introduce the Finnish idol.

by Frankie Dunn
09 November 2016, 9:22pm

"I'm not that kind of girl, to keep my voice unheard," go the lyrics of Alma's shiny new single Dye My Hair, and we're kind of pleased about that, because it would be a crying shame if her raspy vocals were kept from the world. The 20-year-old singer and her green hair are already a big deal in her Helsinki hometown after a stint on Idols Finland, and all eyes are on her as she makes the next move. Taken from her forthcoming debut EP, which features the already very popular Karma, Dye My Hair comes with a Youth Hymns-directed video starring Alma lost in a neon haze with dancers sporting hair like Cousin Itt vs Samara from The Ring. Side note: according to Alma, Samara would 100% win in a fight between the two.

"It was a super cool experience and the whole team was just amazing!" Alma told i-D. "It was like a dream come true to be making something this big. I was super honoured since this was my first real music video shoot." Fresh from opening shows for MØ, the green queen is currently gearing up for her first London date on 15 November, but until then, take an exclusive look at her new visuals below and get to know Alma:

1. She lives in Helsinki, and she loves it.
"I love that in Helsinki you can easily be alone if you want to, but also I love the fact that Finnish people are super real and if they have something to complain about, they will say it straight to your face. Finnish people are honest people. Everything is super pure and peaceful there. It's my home forever. I love Finland. The worst things about it are definitely the cold weather and that it's quite far from everywhere that I sometimes need to be."

2. She has dyed her hair all the colours of the rainbow and more...
"I've had all the colours you could ever imagine: pink, blue, green, yellow, red, purple, blonde, brown. Honestly, probably all the possible colours this world has! I started dying my hair when I was like 13 years old."

3. ...but she's never actually dyed her hair blonde for anyone.
"To be honest, in real life I would never do that! That is actually the biggest lie l've ever told anybody."

4. She is a twin.
"We're not identical but we've done so many Parent Trap type trickeries that I can't even start listing them! We were such a devil team as kids. Sometimes I am the evil one. But also my sister, Anna, can be pretty evil as well if she wants to. I can act evil sometimes but I always apologise afterwards and then act sweet again."

5. Talking of which, as you might have guessed from her summer single, she believes in karma.
"I believe that if you do good, you get good. If you do bad, you get bad. Just be good!"

6. She's obsessed with coconut water and tattoos.
"Since I first tasted coconut water in Berlin, I've been craving it ever since. Another obsession ia tattoos. I want to get new tattoos all the time. I always just walk into the tattoo store and get something random without really planning it beforehand. I love that! I feel like I'm a bit addicted to getting them, even though I really hate the pain."

7. The first album she owned was a Madonna record.
"Our aunt always bought albums for us and I think the first one was a Madonna record. I remember listening to it a lot and it actually brings back weird memories. I remember that I thought she was cool but also thought that her music was weird. I remember wondering who this weird girl was."

8. She reckons her music would be a good soundtrack for Harry Potter.
"When I was young, the Harry Potter films were my favourites. Harry Potter and Voldemort could have a legendary fight and Karma would be played in the background while they try to kill each other."

9. She appeared on Idols Finland, but her all-time favourite talent show audition tape is of somebody else...
"It's this video of two girls called Abi and Lisa who start fighting in the middle of their X-Factor audition. I laughed so hard when I saw it!

10. Of her fellow Finns, she's a fan of the following:
"PMMP, Gasellit, Haloo Helsinki!, SANNI, and Paperi-T"


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