more than a model: lily loves yoga

Our More Than a Model series allows our catwalk crushes to show off their secret passions. For our first episode Ill-Studio and Erika Kurihara follow our mate Lily McZenamy into a world of inner peace and transcendental calm. Ever since we first met...

by i-D Team
05 December 2013, 9:05am


Directors Ill-Studio
Producer Marine Dorfmann, Irene
Director of Photography Benoît Soler
Chief Decorators Bonsoir Paris
Chief Operator of Sound Nicolas Régent
First Assistant Director of Photography Jodie Arnoux
Chief Electrician Charles Bourgine
Electrician Guillaume Pitel
General Manager Antoine Coesens
Assistant Manager Oriane Durand
Post-production Nightshift
Sound mix Jean-Luc Verschelde, Schmooze
Music Andras Fox, Erskine Falls (Home Loan Records)
Executive Producer Eddy Moretti
Executive Producer Shane Smith
Executive Producer Suroosh Alvi
Executive Producer Andrew Creighton
Head of Video Danielle Bennison-Brown
Associate Producer Declan Higgins
Special thanks to Dorothée Brondes, Patricia Chemla-Dorfmann, Julien Desplanques, Mathieu Hue, Laura Gentile, Michael Ozone, Matthieu Sibony, Versae Vanni
Styling Erika Kurihara
Hair Tomo Jidai at Streeters using Oribe Hair Care
Make-up Lili Choi at Artlist Paris using M.A.C Cosmetics
Nail Technician Christina Conrad at Calliste Paris using M.A.C Cosmetics
Styling Assistant Sue Man
Model Lily McMenamy at Next Paris
Look 1
Lily wears jumper Céline. Ring Repossi.
Look 2
Bodysuit and belt Azzedine Alaïa. Rings and cuffs Repossi. Tights Jonathan Aston at Boots Céline.
Look 3
Jumpsuit and belt Azzedine Alaïa. Rings Repossi. Footwear Capezio.
Look 4
Dress Miu Miu. Ring Repossi.
Look 5
Jumpsuit Barbara Casasola. Rings and cuffs Repossi. Footwear Capezio.
Look 6
Bodysuit Arabesque. Skirt Balenciaga. Rings and cuffs Repossi. Footwear Capezio.
Look 7
Dress and bracelet Chanel. Ring Repossi.
Look 8
Jumpsuit Gucci. Rings and cuffs Repossi. Footwear Capezio.

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