what did renton do after trainspotting? ewan mcgregor explains all

Short answer: he chose life. Long answer? Read on...

by Isabelle Hellyer
19 December 2016, 4:04pm

T2 just keeps looking better and better. In a newly released featurette, Ewan McGregor offers some much-needed insight into what his character Renton has been up to for all these years.

After getting his £16,000 at the end of Trainspotting, McGregor explains that Renton "went to Holland with the cash, and has lived there since." He "has never, ever been home" so T2 marks his return. While living in Holland, Renton kicked heroin for good, but picked up a new addiction: adrenaline. He's now a fierce runner, but isn't quite happy. 

"He's so broken when he comes back, he's really in a state," McGregor explains. "That's why he's back, because these are the only people that really know him or that he knows." Still no word on what the rest of the crew were doing, but we're excited to find out. Watch the featurette above for a little more insight.


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