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With the launch of the Female Gaze Issue, we've asked some of our favourite girls to capture their friends. Here Chloe Nour shoots the women who inspire her in Sydney.

by i-D Staff
06 September 2016, 1:21am

Photography Chloe Nour

What are you wearing?
Acne sweater, Desert Designs jumpsuit and platforms.

If you could sit down for dinner with three women who would they be?
Dead or alive? Erykah Badu, Judith Lucy and Frida Kahlo. I would hope that we would have a delicious dinner with lots of laughs.

What do you think makes Australian women unique?
Our dirty-as-hell sense of humour and determination to get shit done individually and collectively.

Who are the women inspiring you right now?
Atong Atem and The Brujas of the Bronx.

Favourite woman in history?
Aunty Jenny Munro.


Photography Chloe Nour

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