matty bovan's alternative beauty looks

To celebrate our Alternative Beauty Day, fashion designer, illustrator, model Matty Bovan gives us three make-up looks to help you stand out from the crowd.

by i-D Staff and Matt Grasset
26 May 2016, 11:50pm

Look One:

1. Start with a white base on the eyes and bring it up to the brows.
2. For eyes, press in blue and green shadow and add multicoloured liner.
3. For mascara and brows, use thick red liner drawn over brows and touch blue mascara on the ends of lashes.
4. Next add pink blush, blending it down from your hair.
5. Add lips and go! <3

Look Two:

1. To start, outline eyes with thick white outline and white mascara.
2. Add baby pink shadow up to brow and turquoise going down nose.
3. For the brows, add neon yellow going into blue ombre.
4. Then add liner in gold and pink around the white.
5. Finally add beauty spots, baby pink lips, gloss and go! <3

Look Three:

1. First off, outline eyes with purple on top lid and blue eyeliner in water line and above top lid.
2. Next, add black waterproof liner under eyes.
3. Then add a mix of chunky and fine holographic glitter and press in.
4. Add neon pink brows and copper under brows. Add lots of black liquid eyeliner and beauty spots.
5. Add any final glitter and do your lips in a gorge purple pink.

As we share the first series of Beyond Beauty with Grace Neutral in full, follow us deeper into the world of alternative beauty. From the unorthodox to the obscure and the weird to the wonderful, we're celebrating the people, subcultures, treatments and trends helping to redefine beauty.


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