​the best of future artefacts

The inaugural Future Artefacts opens today in Shoreditch, a celebration of the most boundary pushing producers in contemporary media.

by Felix Petty
23 October 2015, 12:15pm

In the internet age physical objects can be often be eclipsed by the power of new technology, yet everyone still longs for the sensation that only beautifully crafted books, prints and records can provide. Future Artefacts is the space for this, a fair that champions the production of physical objects, a fair that aims to provoke and influence the future of media, in all its diversity. Founded by Ben Freeman of Ditto Press and Deano Jo of The Alibi and Rita's, the fair is running this weekend in the daytime, with a series of satellite events and club nights in the evening.

Ben and Deano gave us a look at their five favourite future artefacts, available in the fair.

Drunk Complexions by Samara Scott
There will be a new edition launched at Future Artefacts by London based artist Samara Scott, developed from work created for her exhibition Harvest at The Sunday Painter earlier this year, Drunk Complexions is not only an interpretation of that exhibition but a new artwork in itself. Courtesy Studio Operative

Close Your Eyes by Gareth McConnell
A reworking of the archive of Northern Irish photographer Gareth McConnell, featuring documents of his time in raves in Ibiza to the Miner's Strike protests and the London Riots of 2011. Close Your Eyes is reflection on human experience and communication. Courtesy SPBH Editions

Beatwoven are creating a special installation at Future Artefacts to showcase their fabrics, which are created by coded audio technology as an instrument to translate and reveal the geometric patterns created by the beats and sounds in music. 

Vidoppna Sar LP by Dan Johansson.
An extremely limited release of Dan Johansson's Vidoppna Sar record that came out via Berlin's experimental PAN label in 2010. Only 330 copies were produced, featuring a two-tone silk screen pvc sleeve, and interwoven geometric design by Kathryn Politis and PAN founder Bill Kouligas himself. Courtesy PAN

Stonemilker by Björk in limited edition vinyl
The 360 degree video of Bjork's genre-exploding Stonemilker single will be available to view with an Oculus Rift head set at Future Artefacts, as well as limited edition vinyl designed by M/M Paris. Courtesy One Little Indian


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