langley fox talks health, happiness, and hashtags

We steal an afternoon with the LA artist, fresh from the launch of her latest campaign for Mango.

by Tish Weinstock
29 March 2017, 2:07pm

Like a Fruit Loop in a bowl of Cheerios, Langley Fox has always stood out from the crowd. As the great granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, a career in the arts was somewhat inevitable. But instead of words, the LA native trades in visuals. Lend her a pad of paper and a pencil and Langley will sketch you a masterpiece. In fact, so naturalistic are her renderings of inanimate objects, so expressive are her sketches of the female form, that her skills have been tapped by everyone from Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton. Most recently she was cherry picked by Mango to star in the latest edition of its Journeys campaign. Fresh from the launch of Mango's brand new flagship store in Madrid, we caught up with the artist in residence to talk health, happiness, and hashtags.

What are you working on at the moment?
My brain! I'm just working on my own projects right now. I've been drawing these female figures lately, with no heads, just their bodies, and just seeing where that goes.

Why no heads?
I just love the female form and giving them heads places them, rather then letting them be about the actual body.

How does your art relate to your interest in fashion?
I've been creating art my whole life and I studied fashion design at school. I'm very well versed in the arts. I left school because the fashion world can be a very grueling and disgusting place. I just wanted to have a break and just draw. I think they entwine themselves. Sometimes they relate to each other but sometimes I like to keep them separate. But I mean, fashion is art so they will always work nicely together.

When it comes to fashion how big are you in terms of sharing your style on social media?
I'm more of an "Instagram for me" kind of person, as opposed to hashtagging everything. I'm not one of those people who announces what I'm wearing or my outfit of the day.

What's on the horizon for you that you're most excited about?
Hopefully some art shows. I also want to travel. I try to live each day as it comes and just be happy and healthy. I think being happy is number one, if I achieve that then I'm probably nailing everything in life.

Happiness and health are a good combo, but really hard to achieve together…
Right? Sometimes happiness comes from being unhealthy.

And then unhealthiness can turn into depression. But living in LA feels like it would be super healthy, all that kale and stuff...
Yeah, the sunshine and the lifestyle is just easier in LA. People are chiller there, it's not all go, go, go. Even hangovers are easier there, it's not like in New York where you wake up and feel so boxed in, step outside and just see a bunch of people and you're just like, "oh no!" I need space, be able to walk a mountain and feel better about myself and life.

So what about future plans?
I don't know, maybe I'll have my own fashion brand, that would be cool. I want to be painting a lot. I also want to have a tree house and a pack of wolves.


Text Tish Weinstock

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