my year in photos... by rebecca thomas

A picture speaks a thousand words, or so they say, so we invited our favourite image-makers to submit the pictures that say 2016 to them. From pop stars to parties, amazing landscapes and beyond, this is ‘my year in photos…’

Nov 15 2018, 3:10pm

Rewind a couple of years, and whenever you went to an east London fashion party, performance or event you would be sure to spot New Zealander Rebecca Thomas, camera in hand, snapping away at the designers, drag queens, party people, freaks and geeks that make our great capital tick. From working with Jonathan Saunders and Meadham Kirchoff to compiling a book on the legend that is Princess Julia, in What Julia Did, Rebecca made a career out of being at the right place at the right time. Returning to her native New Zealand this January, after 14 years in the Big Smoke, she is still busy snapping away, turning her lens away from the gritty East End to New Zealand's great outdoors and its many inspiring people. From rolling vineyards, to budding young designers, alter egos and more, this is her year in photos…

"My year began by leaving London after 14 years to come back to New Zealand. My favourite place in NZ is Waiheke Island and this photo was taken at Casita Miro, one of the 22 vineyards on the island. This is the owner's son and his friend wandering around in the sun."

My sister
"One of my reasons for leaving London was to spend more time with my younger sister who is an artist and fashion designer, and also an amazing collaborator. Plus, because she is my younger sister she basically does what she's told to do when it comes to being in photos! This is us playing around. We're both big fans of Leigh Bowery and this shot is a bit of a tribute."

Catherine Boddy
"Catherine Boddy is a really, really young designer I met in NZ. She's only 16. I met her at a party and she reminded me of the 90s model Rosemary Ferguson, really natural but beautiful. She's wearing a T-shirt my sister hand painted and sewed."

At home with Angelyne
"I've been a massive fan of American singer and actress Angelyne for a while now and I finally got to meet her earlier this year. She's an icon of kitschiness and looks like a Jeff Koons sculpture came to life. Her voice alone is incredible! This is Angelyne shot at her studio in Hollywood. She was famous for being famous long before Kim Kardashian."

Mo or @Willfuck69
"This is Mo, who I drove out to Inland Empire, two hours out of LA to photograph at her home. She has worked quite a lot with London-based artist Angel Rose and is an incredible looking girl. I really love shooting strong women and Mo fits the bill. She looks more like a fantasy come to life than a real person."

"My sister's alter ego is a trashy pin-up called Lola and this photo is us playing around with that identity. I love the campness of Carry On films and the silly side of sexuality and this photo reflects that. It's not really meant to be sexy, it's more taking the piss out of sexual traditions and stereotypes."

"This is back in NZ, backstage at my friend Liz's label Eugenie. This girl is called Honestly, which has to be one of the best names ever. I liked the feminist message behind this collection, it's a theme that I have worked with for many years now and I think it's something that affects half the population of the world, even in the 21st century woman still have to fight to be heard."

It's all about the boots
"This is my sister, hanging out, literally at my parent's house. She made the boots herself."

Elvis' bed
"Back to the US, this is Elvis's bed at his Palm Springs Honeymoon House. I'm not a massive Elvis fan, but I do like any camp, over the top interior and this bed fits the bill."

"LA, with Bonnie who hosts a show on the Gold Wang TV channel in the US. This is shot at a super cool, German pub in Silverlake. Bonnie is wearing a Golf Wang outfit; one of my friend designs for the label and I am now slightly obsessed with it, and want everything; especially the new towelling robe that only got released last week."

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