boy bye is the beyonce inspired app that texts creeps back for you

The chat-bot was created by comedian Hassan S. Ali to rid you of annoying texts forever.

by Wendy Syfret
09 January 2017, 1:45am

Beyonce's opus Lemonade is about a lot of things, and serves as a comprehensive guide to most of life's overarching questions and concerns. Never was this more apparent than on Sorry (Boy Bye), where she offered us a pep-talk about toxic relationships and some of the most versatile GIFs of 2016. But the internet inspiration didn't end there, the track has now lead to the creation of the BOY BYE BOT, an app that will deal with creepy texts for you.

It's a pretty simple idea: when someone unsavory asks for your number, or won't take no for an answer, offer them 1-626-466-3293 (1-626-GOODBYE) in place of your own. When they try to contact you later, they'll be met with what BOY BYE BOT describes as "craaazy texts", links to feminist articles and suggestions they donate to Planned Parenthood.

The project comes from comedian Hassan S. Ali, who came up with the idea after listening to his female friends talk about how aggressive men could be when trying to get their numbers. Up until now we weren't fans of fake digits, preferring to refuse outright, but this could change our minds.


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