5 minutes backstage with sophia brous

After her performance at Dark Mofo we asked the songstress, "what is it like to sing for Marina Abramović?"

by Courtney DeWitt
28 June 2015, 1:28pm

Melissa Cowan

Selected earlier this year as one of our '2015 music ones to watch', singer, songwriter and music festival curator, Sophia Brous is the rare songstress who defies genre classification. Set to release her debut album later this year, i-D caught up with Sophia after her performance at the historic Odeon Theatre in Hobart, as part of Dark Mofo Festival.

You sang for Marina Abramović at MONA's Private Archaeology opening, describe that experience for us. 
Marina is incandescent, she is everything she appears to be - open, warm and present, a warrior and not opposed to taking a selfie.

Image @sophiabrous

Why is MONA and Dark Mofo just so magical? 
It leaves me dizzy - from no sleep and from experiencing so much wonder in such a short period. I came back to Melbourne from Hobart inbetween my shows double-glazed, like waking from a dream. David Walsh hosted a lunch for Marina on the Saturday of the Festival that featured a 5-course aphrodaisical feast of gold-leafed oyster, spirit massage and glass conical straws stretching metres. The man is a titan of generosity and what he is doing with MONA is indeed magical.

Image @sophiabrous

You just sang onstage at the Odeon Theatre, what were you doing moments before stagetime? 
I'm slicking hair, gooing down, limbering up. Trills, lots of trills.

How would you describe your stage look?  
Industrial lounge. 90s noir.

Tonight you performed brand new material with your band, how did it feel? 
This was the first show of the new record of music leading up to the release of my album later this year. It is so good to be able to perform this music live, the stories and songs stretch back but feel super fresh playing with my genius band this way....synths, electronics, orchestra samples, bassoon, bass, drums and a lot of warbling.

Your top 3 moments at Dark Mofo?
1. Marina Abramović 
2. Witnessing Nick Tsiavos' 15-hour liturgical vigil in the Peacock Theatre starting 4:43pm and ending at the close of the Winter Solstice 7:42am 
3. Pulling up to Sandy Bay Long beach at 7:52am moments after 300 nude swimmers people pulled themselves out of the icy ocean, exhausted and elated.

If you could cast a spell on anyone at the festival who would it be? 
Me thinx the spell got caste on me.



Text Courtney DeWitt 
Photography Melissa Cowan

Dark Mofo
Marina Abramovic
Sophia Brous