five minutes with renee warne and gibson fox about their new label daisy

“I like to think of girls in gingham sundresses laying on their beds poring over a laptop sending emails at 1AM”

by Ingrid Kesa
09 June 2015, 4:36am

Renee Warne and Gibson Fox are king and queen of Sydney's next-gen fash gang. Since i-D featured the styling/photography team on our Ones To Watch list last year, the partners in love and business have continued to hold our attention.

As well as working on their innovative platform FEELTHEFUTURE, the duo have just launched a new ready-to-wear label, DAISY. The fashion house chose a farmhouse as the backdrop for their debut Pure Country collection. It's "An ode to youth and girlhood," with gingham, chambray, and cotton garments. Complete with ruffles and frills to has a fresh-faced Lolita feel; while cowhide, suede, patent leather, and python pieces with corset detailing come packing panache. We caught up with fashion's favourite couple about their latest venture.

Woah, you guys really kept this one under wraps! How long has DAISY been in the making for?
Renee Warne: Well, we've been thinking about doing a range in a few different incarnations for a while. We did a capsule collection for FEELTHEFUTURE.TV last year, which was like dipping our toes in the water, and I think it made us both really happy. We started working on DAISY in January or February, just the concept really. We had the mood and built the wardrobe around that. Daisy is a nickname Gibson calls me— that was the last little cherry on top.

Cute you guys. So why did you decide to start a fashion label?
I guess our styling and photography work puts us in an easy position to do something with fashion. It seemed like there weren't too many practical hurdles, like we could do it in an easy and fun way on our own terms. I'm just always imagining fantasy wardrobes so it's a passion project for sure. It's been a joy to create.

Where did you find this incredible location and what was the shoot inspired by?
We shot at the most wonderful place. It was a baby animal farm in the country where they raise all sorts of barnyard babies. Ducklings, goats, ponies, and piglets. It was the most fun. With a name like Pure Country we knew it had to be somewhere with a strong sense of earth and sky.

Who was the team involved in the first collection launch and what role did you each play?
Just the two of us. We don't exactly split the roles, everything is like a never-ending conversation where we weigh up each aspect. We did the design and production of the range together, also shot the look book and collection videos and created the online store.

Who is the DAISY girl and what does she do day-to-day?
I think it's cool to imagine the clothes out of context, in an office or like, taking meetings in the boardroom. Balancing the open outdoor fantasy aesthetic with the reality of life. I like to think of girls in gingham sundresses laying on their beds poring over a laptop sending emails at 1AM.


Text Ingrid Kesa
Photography Gibson Fox
Styling Renee Warne
Assistant Cain Ireland
Hair and make up Constance Bowles
Model Hannah Elyse @Chadwick Models

Gibson Fox
Renee Warne