roll the dice and unleash the excitement with a remake of jumanji

The stuff that childhood nightmares were made of is back for round two. Are you game?

by Francesca Dunn
10 August 2015, 12:57am

Ahh, Jumanji… the 1995 film where Robin Williams grew up inside an old board game full of natural disasters. How you plagued us with sleepless nights in which we were taunted by boys with monkey faces, crazed hunters, and quicksand. Few details have emerged about the 're-imagining', but we've got our hearts set on Kirsten Dunst turning up and leading the next generation of actors/victims through the game rather than a TRON style digital mission. Until a trailer emerges, adventurers beware: do not start until you intend to finish, The exciting consequences of the game will vanish only when a player has reaches jumanji and called out its name. It's a jungle in there.