here's the the cast for the upcoming ‘picnic at hanging rock’ remake

Natalie Dormer, Yael Stone and Samara Weaving are among the impressive line up of established and emerging female talent.

by Shannon May Powell
21 February 2017, 3:25am

Foxtel have announced the cast lineup for their new new six-part Picnic at Hanging Rock mini-series, and it's studded with amazing Australian and international female talent. Heading the remake are Orange is the New Black's Yael Stone and Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer. Stone will take on the part of Miss Dora Lumley, mistress of Deportment and Bible studies and Dormer is stepping in as English headmistress, Mrs Hester Appleyard.

They're joined by a stirring selection of young Australian talent set to take on the student roles. Lily Sullivan will play Miranda Reid, and Madeleine Madden from Ready For This (Australia's first Indigenous teen drama) joins her as Marian Quade. Samara Weaving, Ruby Rees and Inez Curro round out the rest of the cast.

In a statement, Fremantle Media Australia Director of Drama Jo Porter called Picnic at Hanging Rock "an iconic, female-led story," adding "We have an exceptional mix and depth of established names and exciting young Australian talent who will redefine these characters for a new generation." The series' premiere date is yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, why not revisit the trailer for Peter Weir's original film.


Text Shannon May Powell
Image 'at the Hanging Rock' by William Ford, via.

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