kim wants the public to vote on kanye's album title

Waves, SWISH, or So Help Me God? Decide here.

by i-D Staff
02 February 2016, 5:44am

Kanye's immanent album has changed titles three times already, and it looks as if it'll go through one more iteration before finally dropping on the 11th. Back when the Yeezus follow-up was a glimmer in our collective eye, it went by So Help Me God, a neat response to the similarly pious Yeezus. Given that this chapter of Ye's career is all about his return back to an ordinary life on earth—fatherhood and marriage—after years in the clouds So Help Me God felt apt. Kanye was beginning to look outside himself once more.

In March 2015, Kanye Tweeted a tonne of beautiful Kim K portraits, most accompanied by the caption 'SWISH!!!!'. Two months later, he announced that the album had been renamed SWISH. Again, the title made sense. It felt right that Ye's first album as a married man would take its name from praise he'd lavished on his wife and muse.

The most recent change, WAVES, was received more hesitantly, with talk it'd been jacked from hip-hop OG, Max B. Of all the album's iterations, WAVES makes the least sense. As commentators have observed, it sounds more like an indie band's mixtape than the opus of "the greatest musician of all time." Plus, if there's one thing Kanye is not, it's unoriginal.

That's exactly the sentiment fans are showing in the poll which Kim Kardashian just opened on Twitter, giving fans a chance to vote on their favourite title. Of the three option on the table, WAVES has performed the worst—collecting around 23 percent of votes. SWISH has come in second, with 29 percent of Kanye fans giving it their tick of approval. That leaves the original title, So Help Me God, to claim a huge victory: 48 percent of the vote. Right now, there's still 15 hours left to vote, but no word on wether the poll will actually change Ye's mind. We're excited to see the outcome of the votes, but still a little upset #FingerInTheBootyAssBitch wasn't an option. Vote here.

WAIT new poll. Which album title do you like best? @kanyewest

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 1, 2016


Photography Kanye West in The Back to The Future Issue (2010, no. 310)

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