a documentary about the women's march is coming

We Still Rise will capture the defiant spirit of the march with interviews from women across the world.

by Roisin Lanigan
17 August 2017, 1:14pm

Zdjęcie: Holly Falconer

Saturday 21 January 2017, the day after Donald Trump's inauguration, should by all accounts probably have been a depressing one, as the world got used to the idea that they'd have to put up with a man who defends white supremacists and jokes about sexual assault for at least the next four years. But it wasn't. Instead it was a day of solidarity, defiance and peaceful resistance, as millions of people across the world joined together to protest the new president.

The Women's March made history, growing from a small crusade to become one of the biggest global demonstrations ever, and now it's being immortalised in a new independent film from Polish documentary maker Dagmara Kodlubanski. Dagmara was inspired to create a movie based on her own experiences, after marching with women in London.

Her film, We Still Rise, will interview women from all walks of life, from organisers and activists to everyday protestors all across the world, from London to Geneva to Oslo to New York. Speaking to the Evening Standard she said: "I had just witnessed ordinary people create something so amazing, that completely captured the mood that many of us were feeling.

"The day was such a celebration. People were singing, chanting, drumming and dancing -- it felt more like a festival than a march. Everyone looked after each other and celebrated together."

The filmmaker is currently crowdfunding We Still Rise on IndieGogo, where she hopes to raise around £70,000 before release next January, on the anniversary of the march. The team are also hoping to bring the documentary to Sundance Film Festival in 2018.

"When it feels like things are regressing, we need to be reminded that the fight continues," Dagmara said. "To not be disheartened, and to realise that 'ordinary' people really can make a huge difference."

You can donate to We Still Rise here.

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