the first sexually fluid dating show is finally here

Sex, love, and endless drama will no longer be constrained by gender on MTV's 'Are You the One.'

by Jack Sunnucks
30 May 2019, 9:22pm

Photo Brian Bielmann for MTV

We now interrupt your afternoon’s schedule of yawning and checking Slack to bring you even more important LGBTQ news — MTV’s drastic yet incredible dating show Are You the One is coming back, and for the first time the cast is sexually fluid. Yes! How many times have we lain prone upon the sofa, idling flicking chips into our face orifices, wondering what the show would look like stuffed full of queers? Well, we need wonder no longer. Sixteen toned and buffed singles will journey to Hawaii to drunkenly stab each other in the backs while wearing neon swimwear all in the name of finding true love, and thus winning $1 million in cash. This time, however, the difference is that everyone is sexually fluid. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there’s an educational aspect too, as “This season also introduces Dr. Frankie, a relationship expert, who works with the singles to help them cope with current disaster-dating trends such as ghosting, benching and stashing.”

The real breakthrough will be the chance to see the full range of the sexual spectrum shown on TV, since this is the first time ever on a US dating competition show that contestants won’t be limited by gender. Reality TV has long served as a gateway for young people discovering their sexuality, and finally they might be able to see themselves reflected on screen. Whether it’s the change we really need to see is up for debate, but it seems like a small step in the right direction. Love Island, you’re next.

The eighth series of Are You the One premieres on June 26 on MTV.

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