this music video is a big summer mood

Dinamarca is the Stockholm producer on a mission to make you move with his futuristic Reggaeton-trance mashup, ‘Luna’.

by Frankie Dunn
31 July 2019, 3:23pm

Photography Ghazal Amin

No introduction to the Stockholm music scene would be complete without a handshake with Chile-born, Sweden-raised producer Dinamarca. Along with fellow DJ Ghazal, he’s the founder of STAYCORE, a record label and collective that's seen the likes of Mobilegirl, Toxe and Machatok come through its halls. Though his genre-defying music can be hard to make total sense of, it’s essentially designed to keep you moving and to make clubs fun again.

Cast your mind back to summer 2018 and some of you might recall the release of Dinamarca’s Sol De Mi Vida EP, an experimental trance-Reggaeton mashup of instrumentals that had us lot hooked. Clearly not content with the lack of words, last week he took the record to another level with a bonus vocalled version featuring Eartheater, Talisto, Ms Nina, La Favi, Yayoyanoh, Pierre Kwenders and i-D fave Coucou Chloe.

"I wanted to show a mix of different vocalists and genres; Spanish, English, French and Congolese,” he says of the rework. “This selection of artists would never normally be on the same record, but I’m trying to make music that hasn’t existed before."

Good news for music video fiends! EP closer, ‘Luna’, comes with an addictive visual and we’ve got the exclusive. In it, directors Atosa Majidian and Helbest Cetin capture a dancer making moves in empty fields, through the streets, in the pissy corner outside a supermarket, while exiting a cab, on the escalator down to the metro (dangerous!) and even while eating a kebab. It’s the Midsommar May Queen dance contest, only with less psychotic Swedes and more hip action.

“This video is so beautiful,” Dinamarca rightly says. “It really shows how little you need to make something beautiful as long as you’re being honest and consistent with your idea. It fits the song perfectly, the dancer hypnotises and intrigues through the whole process. It’s simple but you can’t look away.” It’s true. Dare you to try.

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