10 things you need to know about london richards

London Richards is one of those fresh talents that come rolling in out of nowhere, with their shit totally together ready for world domination.

by Russell Dean Stone
15 November 2017, 1:46pm

London Richards was just 17 years old when he released his debut single, Will You Wait, and sparked some instant buzz. Then after playing his first headline show he disappeared, and spent three years out of the spotlight. Thankfully he’s back with certified jam Far Away, the first cut from his forthcoming debut EP, Moods 001.

Far Away is a nicely understated intro to London Richards, and its minimal production gives plenty of space for his smooth groove vocals to take the lead. It’s a musical meditation on knowing yourself -- which is what Richards is all about. It’s the kind of track that creeps up on you and before you even know it, you’re singing along top of your lungs like your life depends on it.

The song’s accompanying music video gives a neat glimpse into London’s world and features some of the people he encountered during the summer of 2016. A montage of Hollywood hang times and Nan Goldin exhibitions play out over a real-talk monologue -- “As I indulged in what set me free, it became harder and harder to identify with those who knew boundaries of any kind, those that would rather just survive than feel alive.”

Get to grips with London Richards via these 10 very important facts about self-imposed exile, the desert and Jay-Z.

1. He plans his life and career in chapters
“This is chapter one, and it started five years ago; a night where I met Jay-Z backstage at the Barclays Center. He wouldn’t remember me but that moment sparked my passion to have a vision and fulfill it.”

2. He’s “majorly underwhelmed” as a person
“But every time I read the news it’s an OMG moment.”

3. He’s originally from the UK but now he’s based in the U.S of A
“I was born in London, England and lived there for 12 years. I moved to Switzerland first, before moving to New Jersey, then finally LA about four years ago. I’m hoping I live in a tour bus for the next few years… Ironically, my older self is telling me ‘be careful what you wish for.’”

4. People who know themselves inside and out inspire him
“It’s cool to see someone who doesn’t fear themselves or feel like they are not the best version of themselves in that moment.”

5. You’ll find him mostly listening to The 1975, Bon Iver, Post Malone, Amy Winehouse and Travis Scott
“My current favourite song is Slide on Me by Frank Ocean. That record is a reset button for me. There’s a lot of sentimental value in that song.”

6. A spiritual day in the desert resulted changed his life
“My manager and I planned a trip to Joshua Tree. It was everything but recreational, spiritual if anything. It was my first time I experimented. We camped out, left our phones in the car, and opened our minds. The 40-mile reservation around me was beautiful. The detachment from ordinary life was empowering.”

7. Since then the desert is an eerie and serene place of reflection for London
“Living in a big city, you forget how much constant static noise is around you. It’s never really quiet. The desert enables me to hear my thoughts clearly. It resets my ears. I remember where to place things in a mix. And spiritually, I feel closest to my true purpose.“

8. After playing his first headline show in 2015 Richards went into self-imposed exile
“I told my parents that if I didn’t go to university, I would treat the next three years of my life as my college of music, art, and culture. I turned inwards and sought conviction in myself and my creations. The process may not have been the best, but I didn’t care about much else then. It was just to have my vision, make the best music, and bring together the best people to help deliver it to the world. I wanted to make my life art.”

9. He wrote, produced and engineered his track Far Away
“The new material is predominantly me as well. There are two production features: Jeff Kleinman and Hammonds. Two people I collaborated with over the past 18 months who hear things very similar to the way I do. I think that’s the key to successful collaboration in music.”

10. He’s got some sober advice for anyone that needs to focus and find themselves
“We’re all going to die one day, I’ll always flirt with letting what I love kill me, instead of anything else. Don’t be afraid of breaking the rules that were imposed on you as an adolescent. If you were ever destined to be great, it’s because of you. It’s because of who you were born as, not always who you were nurtured to be; trust the process.”

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