this 'call me by your name' superfan found every single filming location

Perfect for planning a summer trip to Crema, Italy.

by André-Naquian Wheeler
24 May 2018, 8:22pm

Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

The geography of Call Me By Your Name was just as breathtaking as watching Elio and Oliver kiss: gushing waterfalls, flowers billowing in the wind, a perennially shining sun. A host of fans have booked flights to Crema, Italy this summer in the hopes of having their own romantic experience. You don’t have to go stumbling around Crema in the hopes of recreating Elio and Oliver’s love affair. Because one eager fan, Steve Beals, has compiled an exhaustive list of every location featured in Call Me By Your Name. There are even Google Maps coordinates for you to click on and see from an aerial view.

Putting together the list was not an easy task. The creator shares some of his methods in the lists’ 20+ citations. Beals cites reading articles and crowdsourcing facts from fans. The notes also include crucial info about the waterfall featured in one scene, sharing that the water is kept in a dam and released only every 30-60 minutes between June and October. So there’s a limited window of time to recreate that hiking scene.

Unfortunately, there is one factual inaccuracy in Call Me By Your Name: peaches are not known to grow in Crema. So you’ll have to skip that part of the film.

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Call Me By Your Name