drake staged a degrassi reunion for his new music video

A high school reunion we’d actually want to attend.

by Georgie Wright
14 June 2018, 2:36pm

Image via Youtube

Long before he sung about woes and scored the coveted title of World’s Best Meme Subject, Aubrey Drake was a budding TV star on Canadian high school show Degrassi. Centred on a bunch of teenagers living on De Grassi Street in Toronto, the show touched on refreshingly real subjects. Not restricted to the classic high school fodder of gossip-fuelled bitch fights and doe-eyed romances (although there were those too), Degrassi featured subplots on issues such as divorce, abortion and age-old teenage pill popping, in the form of Viagra.

Now, after very successful metamorphosis from actor to rapper, Drake’s got the old gang back together for a good old high school reunion in his new music video, I’m Upset. Opening with him swilling a bottle of wine, he creeps out of what appears to be an air mattress in the middle of the Toronto Raptors basketball court (don’t ask, don’t know), before heading to the Degrassi Community School in a very, very expensive looking yellow Ferrari.

If you haven’t gathered, this reunion looks way better than the average one. Firstly, the whole Degrassi crew’s there -- including Nina Dobrev, Stacey Farber, Adamo Ruggiero, Lauren Collins, Cassie Steele and Jake Epstein. There’s a bit where they’re all dancing awkwardly in the hallway. Former student-turned-principal Archie Simpson buys some weed and raps Drake’s The Motto (very meta). What’s more, it all ends with the hallmark of a decent party: the cops show up. Take a look below.

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