A reality show to find pop stars’ biggest stans is coming

Let chaos reign.

by Tom George
23 February 2022, 12:42pm

Remember those X Factor contestants who would turn up to the auditions purely to serenade Britney, or perform full Pussycat Dolls choreo in front of Nicole Scherzinger? Well, CBS has announced a new reality TV show specifically for them. That show is called Superfan, Deadline reports, and each episode will be dedicated to one music icon with a strong, dedicated fanbase, with their musically-talented stans battling it out to see who is the ultimate lover of the artist. Each episode's winner will reportedly receive “the ultimate experience” with their fave themselves (which we’re going to assume is getting to perform with them on stage).

It’s been mysteriously described as “a musical spectacle disguised as a game show with several rounds of play”… does that mean the contestants think they’re on a game show but actually have to show off their vocals? Or is it a hybrid of singing their biggest hits and answering trivia on their icon? We guess we’ll have to wait and see.

One thing is for sure: it sounds chaotic. We can imagine Beyoncé’s Beyhive killing any trivia round and Gaga’s Little Monsters stepping out in 18-inch platform heels to perform the most rogue song from Artpop. Losing Swifties will be inconsolable whilst rejected Barbz will just burn down the entire set. Meanwhile, poor Charli XCX will spend her entire episode signing dildos and random old people’s ashes.

Currently, little else is known about the upcoming show or even its release date. We do know though, that behind the camera are talent producers and production designers from the likes of America’s Got Talent, Lip Sync Battle, Drop the Mic and Match Game, so we can assume Superfan will have a big grand stage, a star-studded judging panel and presenters, some exciting featured artists, and, hopefully, absolutely unhinged fan behaviour. We’re not ready.

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