Photograph by Enzo Ruíz

What your March 2022 looked like

From Lisbon to Lusaka, here's a snapshot of the world from last month.

by Ryan White
01 April 2022, 1:07pm

Photograph by Enzo Ruíz

i-D ran My Month in a Photo all through last year and discovered some of the most incredible work. We featured a handful of photographers that were discovered through the series, and plan to do the same this year. So at the end of each month throughout 2022, we’ll open our inbox to photographs from anyone and everyone in the hope to discover more talent — just email

It’s tough to pick just a handful from thousands and thousands of submissions. But for anyone whose images do not make the cut, please do keep sending us your photography, as we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the imagery taken, and want to keep sharing as much of it as possible. We recommend looking through the successful submissions to get a sense of what we really like to publish.

Portrait of a young girl in a colourful polo top.

Dayana Rivero, New York, USA

“‘My main dream is being able to travel to another country’, Karla, 14, in Guatemala.” @_dayanarivero

Two young boys with their arms around each other standing on the street at sunset.

Mehrdad Mosaferi, 24, Bandar Abbas, Iran

“In Bandar Abbas, the wedding season starts with the beginning of spring and Norouz. Guests arrive from nearby cities to celebrate. It’s a great opportunity for family gatherings and for kids to play and have fun.” @mehrdadmosaferii

Man outside lifting his top over his head.

Zicky Le, 25, Yangon, Myanmar

“March is a scorching hot month here. We drove to a beach two hours away, swam the whole evening and took some pictures before heading back to the city.” @zickyf.le

Blurry photo of three friends in a bedroom.

Ellen Lee, 26, Brooklyn, USA

“My friends — in movement, in conversation. This photo reminds me of the quiet moments we all experience in our own heads even when our environment is hyperactive. When I look at this photo, I can hear myself think.”

Photo of someone's arm in a puffy purple garment.

Pedro Napolinário, 24, São Paulo, Brazil

“I flew to Rio to see the bate-bolas Carnival parades. It’s popular among young boys, crossing narratives of masculinity, sense of community and identification.” @pedronapolinario

Two men standing outside a building with a hung Putin figure from the balcony

Emma Ball-Greene, 25, Berlin, Germany

“Ukrainian Men having a smoke by a hanged Putin at their shelter in Lviv. The residents of the shelter built this Putin together as part of their daily arts and crafts.” @emmaballgreene

Man leaning over the railing.

Tomás Monteiro, 27, Lisbon, Portugal

“We were just watching the trains passing by.” @monteirotomas

Druid's ceremony at Tower Hill in London

Alfie Rossner, 21, Bristol, UK

“This was taken at Tower Hill in London during one of three Druid ceremonies in celebration of the start of Spring.” @alfie_rossner

Portrait of a young child

Mps Álbum, 18, Brazil

“My cousin likes to pretend to be my model. I think he’s got a knack for it!” @mpsalbum

Photo of a gallery room in the Louvre while it's busy.

Kate Nakamura , 24, New York, USA

“During the pandemic it felt like I would never be able to travel again. March marks three months since I started travelling around Europe with the most amazing people and seeing the most incredible things.” @alienspacebats

a group of children play on the side of a hill covered in trees.

Noah Liu, 21, Wuhan, China

“A group of children play on a hill under the trees.” @letttfree

Woman lies on a tattoo bench with her arm stretched out.

Eeva Kriek, 19, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Getting ready for a new tatt.”

Girl pressed against the window overlooking the city skyline.

Goro Kosaka, 38, Shibuya, Japan

“At Miyashita park.” @56kosaka

Blurry photo of yellow and white hues.

Maya Lijeskic, 20, Hong Kong

“This was my first time using film and I had no clue what I was doing.” @mayalijeskic

girl walking along the rocky edge of a wall

Jennifer Tang, 25, Hong Kong

“My friend was struggling to make her way down the stone quarry. ‘I don't need a hand, this is my battle!’ she yelled.” @jtdilettante

Two women in bikinis on the beach at night.

Enzo Ruíz, 23, Los Angeles, USA

“Plan de escape.” @1.21ez

collaged pics of a man outside a doodled on bedroom door.

Milo Morgan, 16, London, UK

“I started a project this month documenting the people in my everyday life. This is my brother.” @mylowem

girl blowing a bubblegum bubble

Bino, 28, St. Louis, USA

“It's typically dark by the time I get off work and for many artists, not creating can cause seasonal depression. This picture represents brighter days ahead and springtime!” @__bino_

yellow flower sellotaped to a window.

Olga Béznos, 28, Kyiv, Ukraine

“I finally found sticky tape to put over my windows. We do this to protect ourselves from the shattered glass, should the window break during a blast wave. The dried flower embellishment was a small symbol of optimism.”  @olgabeznos

Young girl standing on stilts at a carnival.

Daniel Ribar, 34, Michigan, USA

“Legend has it that Detroit founder Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac had bad luck after a run-in with the Nain Rouge, an ancient mythological creature. So, thousands now put on costumes and head to the city to tell the demon he isn't welcome.” @daniel.ribar

boy standing on the seat and handle bars of a bike.

Chakrist Juejoy, 27, Bangkok, Thailand

“On March 26 I went to a gathering of BMX groups all over Thailand for a cycling event. I saw the happiness in this group of people united by BMX culture.” @bombaychakrist

a child sitting under a fruit stand

Tess Lieber, 24, Mexico City, Mexico

“A child rests in the shade of her mother’s fruit stand during the 2022 International Women’s Day March in Mexico City.”

Man holding a sign at a protest.

Aida Ablayeva, 22, Kazakhstan

“Popular singer @dudeontheguitar holding a banner that says ‘the world needs peace’.” @aidabowwie

Close up of a man in a check shirt.

Maingaila Muvundika, 22, Lusaka, Zambia

“I got my hair braided for the first time.” @maingailaaa

Woman standing in her dining room looking out the window.

Nishant Gautam, 24, New Delhi, India

“I was astonished by the way everything came together in harmony, from my grandmother’s clothes to the walls of the dining room.” @nishantt.01

Woman with ribbons attached to her umbrella.

Yoshiki Ikuta, 27, Tokyo, Japan

“No one should disturb everyday life. ‘STOP WAR, STAND WITH UKRAINE’.” @yoshikiikuta1994

person wearing a plastic bag as a cover.

Sinyoung Choi, 28, Seoul, Korea

“On a rainy day, we couldn't find an umbrella.” @vvxcsyxvv

portrait of someone looking out over the ocean.

Cláudio Virginio, 30, Maceio, Brazil

“Alagoas is known for its breathtaking tropical landscape but the beautiful people who struggle to live and dream in the poorest Brazilian state are often forgotten.” @claudiovirginio

young kid sitting forlorn in the bath with a shower cap on.

Nicha Rivera, 25, Toronto, Ontario

This is Jazriel. She's 12 years old and is dealing with anxiety, which I go through too. I ran a bath for her, put some eucalyptus in to steam and sat with her till she self-regulated.”  @Nicha.Rivera

blurry photo of car lights through a rain covered window.

Sam Ziff, 17, London, UK

“This was taken on my way to school during a rainy morning.” @sam.ziff

girl walking through a field at night.

Amulya kundran, Hyderabad, India

“I haven't been out in a long time and it's been a few months since I’d met up with my friends. It was nice.” @amulyakundran

Close up of someones hands.

Rony Orozco, 24, Guatemala

“Ketzali is an indigenous woman seeking justice for women who are abused, disappeared, and injured by the internal armed conflict in Guatemala.” @rony_in_reverse

People gathered outside a building.

Romana Caban-Chastas, 25, Guadeloupe, Caribbean

“Caribbean people in the streets of Lapwent during carnival.” @blxckdreadshots

A band on stage performing.

September, 18, Gaborone, Botswana

“In my city, there is so much growing talent in the music scene my friends and I are a part of.” @septembrrline


All images courtesy of the artists.

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