Up to Us is the voter initiative targeting Gen Z

Make sure you’re ready to cast your ballot on Election Day.

by Jack Sunnucks
27 October 2020, 9:17pm

Since launching in September, the non-profit Up to Us has been making sure Gen Z  are ready to vote. Over 40,000 checked their voter registration status through their platform, and they sent out more than 3,000 mail-in ballot applications. They did this through a surprising yet obvious way -- by partnering with TikTokers, artists and none other than Grimes to get the urgency of their message across. “Up to Us formed out of my generation's concern and frustration for the future we’re inheriting,” said founder Connor Sanchez-O’Shea. “From the wildfires raging across the West Coast to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re extremely alarmed and motivated to do whatever we can to help.”

Now, in the days running up to the most important election ever, they’ve partnered with Postmates -- simply find out where to vote on their site, get three of your friends to do the same and you’ll get 30 days of free delivery. So at least you’ll get fed if there’s some kind of apocalypse.