Is Timothée Chalamet shooting a movie with Ariana Grande this week?


by Douglas Greenwood
16 November 2020, 4:28pm

2020 got really, really shit when we realised it would be the first year in over half a decade that we wouldn't get a new Timothée Chalamet movie. Yup, from Interstellar through to Call Me By Your Name, right through to the 2019 arrival of Little Women, TC has been consistently gracing our screens for most of the 2010s, as he should. 2020 was meant to be a big year for him: his first outing with Wes Anderson, The French Dispatch was due for a summer release, while Dune was supposed to be the big release for Christmas. But Rona really tried us by pushing both of those back to 2021. Still, that means a bumper few years are on the horizon. And rumour has it, Timmy’s already back on set shooting a new movie this week: Netflix’s Don’t Look Up with co-stars including Ariana Grande.

According to The Suffolk Journal, shooting for the film — a comedy directed by The Big Short’s Adam McKay — is scheduled to start in Boston on Thursday, bringing with it a slew of stars from across Hollywood. Not only is Timothée on the cast list, but he’s set to appear alongside Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ariana Grande in her first acting role since Scream Queens. If you fancy appearing in the film too, there are ongoing castings for extras too. Just head to the casting director’s page here.

J-Law and Leo are supposed to be leading the film as a pair of astronomers who predict a meteor is rapidly approaching Earth, set to obliterate all of civilisation. But as they take on a massive media tour to warn the rest of the world, nobody seems to care as much as they do. A story of science-scepticism that resonates deeply with the post-Trump(!!!) era, back in February the head of Netflix Film Scott Stuber said: “Even if he somehow ends up predicting planet Earth’s imminent demise, we’re excited to add this to our slate before it all comes to an end”. Yikes.

The movie was meant to kick off production back in March before hitting Netflix in December, but with Rona derailing things, we can expect this to be a big hitter come awards season late 2021 instead. Timmy for three Best Oscar nominations yeah?

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