Foto: Marta Michalak

this hard techno mix from spfdj is a real life saver

The Berlin-based DJ knows how to set the mood for a proper party.

by Juule Kay
07 June 2019, 2:00pm

Foto: Marta Michalak

“Slutty, proud and fun,” is the refreshing description Lina Jonsson aka SPFDJ gives when asked what kind of music she plays. The Swedish-born, Berlin-based Herrensauna resident knows exactly how to create a unique atmosphere in the club; her penchant for dark and hard techno never failing to draw people to the dancefloor.

Aside from spinning techno bangers and running her own Intrepid Skin label, Lina is very good at offering up nightlife tips. "Thursday nights at Säule (the new venue in Berghain) has their finger on the pulse,” she suggests. “Their bookings are techno-oriented with an edge, and with a crowd that has built up into a really nice community.” And should the bouncer not let you in, she also recommends the queer sex-positive party Lecken and the squat raves thrown by the crew she started the club night Power Play with.

To get you in the mood for the weekend, SPFDJ has kindly made us a mix filled with “a lot of aggression, anger, confusion, sadness but also determination and strength.” Although she usually likes to leave room for interpretation, this selection has ended up soundtracking her recently chaotic life quite nicely. “I’ve just gone through a break-up, lost a family member and had a big falling out with a best friend,” she explains. Join her in forgetting the bad shit for an hour or so with this techno salvation.

Hard Techno