meet kiersey clemons: the star of the fifth sense's new film, 'jellywolf'

Los Angeles-based singer and actress Kiersey Clemons kicked off her 2017 with a star turn opposite legend Lisa Bonet in "Jellywolf," a visually stunning short film about the hallucinatory power of smell created for The Fifth Sense, a partnership with...

by Michael Cragg
20 March 2017, 3:05pm

Twenty three-year-old actress/singer Kiersey Clemons is the future. The breakout star of 2015's Sundance-slaying Dope, her steady ascendency was assisted by recurring roles in the critically-lauded Transparent and alongside Halle Berry in science-fiction drama, Extant. This year, however, she's going properly interstellar, with key roles in two DC Comics blockbusters, Justice League, The Flash, as well as director Alma Har'el's Jellywolf. Oh, and she's also got an EP out this year too.

What attracted you to this particular project?
I really believed in Alma's visuals and I think for something like this the visual stimulation is so important. It's what makes the whole thing intriguing and you get the entire message of the short not through dialogue, but through visuals. You could put it on mute and still understand what's happening.

Were you already familiar with Alma's work before you started filming?
No actually I wasn't, but we had a lot of mutual friends and really hit it off. I think we're all going to collaborate again in the future because we all fell in love with each other.

What was the experience like overall?
It was empowering. To be able to work with Alma and watch a woman direct and take direction from a woman, which is something I haven't experienced before, was really inspiring. Also working with Lisa Bonet, who has the calmest, most amazing spirit, felt very feminine. It was very sexy and feminine everyday. I really enjoyed it.

How long did it take to do?
We shot for about two days and we were moving really quickly. When Alma gets the shot she's on to the next one; she doesn't like to waste any time.

I really wanted some of the neon signs.
I know! I should have stolen one really.

I was going to say that the first section is quite rooted in the real world but then a jellyfish falls out of the sky, which just doesn't happen that often.
No, not at all. Really trippy.

Have you ever had any interaction with jellyfish?
I'm pretty aware of them. I grew up in Florida, near a beach, so I knew which waters had jellyfish in them. I've seen people get stung and that's not a pretty sight at all. I've never been stung by a bee or a jellyfish, and I plan on keeping it that way.

I've got two jellyfish facts for you. Did you know that jellyfish can still smell via their nervous system? So they have no brain and no heart, but can still smell prey etc.
They're like witches, they're so weird! Jellyfish are so mystical. I don't trust that, it's so fucking weird.

Lisa Bonet's character wears a T-shirt with the slogan 'Women Smell Better'. Do you think that's true?
Yeah! I'm actually wearing that T-shirt right now. I love it, I had to have one. It's ironic though because my armpits smell awful right now - I have not put on deodorant this morning. I don't know if it's always true - I like the way a sweaty man smells sometimes, depending on who the man is.

Can you use smells in your acting? Like do you ever put on a scent to feel happier? Or sniff something to make your cry?
I change my perfume every time I film, which isn't something I necessarily do on purpose. I always adapt to a new environment and part of that is matching my scent to where I am. Also, it takes me out of myself when I don't necessarily smell like me.

Are you prepared for your career to go interstellar after Justice League and The Flash? Are you ready for that?
I think I am. The last two years were a bit shocking and overwhelming because I wasn't prepared for everything else that goes with it. I wasn't prepared to run a business, for example, but I've gotten the hang of things now. I'm really excited about this year and what's to come.

Are you ever going back to Transparent?
I don't know. I would love to go back. I think with TV scheduling it's difficult to be able to set aside that amount of time. Plus, I played Melora Hardin's character's daughter, and she's not part of the family anymore.

So is music something you want to explore as well?
Definitely. I'm putting out an EP in the spring, probably around spring break. The songs have the tone of a bonfire during spring break, like kind of chilled but still sexy. I'm really fucking excited because I've never put out music before and I've always been waiting to find my sound. I'm really nervous but I can't wait. It's going to be awesome.


Text Michael Cragg
Photography Darcy Haylor

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